Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I feel so unworthy sometimes.  I am completely aware on Mother's Day just how unworthy I am.  I feel like I should be celebrating my children, after all without them I don't get to have a Mother's Day. What a blessing and a privilege it is to have them.  I am in awe at times by the overwhelming love I have for those two girls.  I loved them when they were in my belly and the second I saw their faces my heart hurt and I knew that I would lay down in front of a train for them at that very second.  I can remember a time when I trusted Gods words but didn't fully understand how He could call me His child and love me unconditionally.  Once I became a mom it became clear.  No matter how angry or frustrated I can be with Presley's antics or Mileys clingy tendencies my love never changes.  Everyday I love them more.

First Mother's Day with this sweet girl

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