Saturday, October 6, 2012

I prayed for a calm happy baby.  Fortunately God answered that far.  Oakley is so peaceful.  She sleeps mostly and wakes to eat.  No fussing.  No screaming in her car seat.  Presley and Miley both screamed like someone was stabbing them from the second we put them in a car seat until we returned home and got them out of it for at least the first 6 months of their lives.  We dreaded going anywhere! This of course even made stroller rides impossible.  But so far, Oakley doesn't seem to mind her wild, loud sisters or the barking dogs ect.

While I was Pregnant, Miley would come up to my belly and smile and say "i bite Baby OT (Oakley)" complete with biting sound effects.  Since she has been born Miley has been very sweet to her.  While we are happy she has not taken her jealous aggression out on the baby, she has put that energy toward new tactics.  She now bends over and pretends to cry and says "my beddy (belly) hurts" or leans down and holds her leg and pretends to cry and says "oh no my boo-boo".  She only seems to have these issues when I am holding the baby and they immediately disappear when I pick her up instead.  She has also taken bedtime to new extremes.  Getting her to go to sleep most nights is a battle that usually doesn't end until somewhere between 1am and 3am!

recent activity spotted on the video monitor at 1am, poor Presley, she sleeps right through it
never a dull moment around here
Most of you know Marquita, my mother-in-law recently had a massive stroke.  She is now out of the hospital and in a rehab center.  In the past few weeks she has made a lot of progress. There is still a long road ahead but she can now sit up on her own, walk with assistance, talk more clearly, eat solid food, remember more. Praising God for these improvements and continuing to pray for total recovery.  God is BIG, and I believe she will get there.  We miss her so much. So much we all take for granted.  Oakley and I were finally able to go see her a few days ago.  She held her.  I asked her what she thought about her, she said "I love her, shes perfect, she is different than the other two". At times she cant remember common things she would typically know, but if the nurses or anyone asks her if she has grandchildren she says "yes, 3 girls". That she hasn't forgotten! 

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  1. What a precious family you have.. you are so blessed...
    I am happy to see Marquita's improvement.. know that she and the entire family are in my daily prayers.. So excited she did not forget those sweet girls!! I know you are too..
    Blessed, blessed, blessed!!!