Thursday, April 14, 2011

curious baby

I have found it impossible not to compare my girls.  Not in a 'who is better' way, but in an 'its amazing' way.  Its fun to discover the ways they are alike and different.  Now that Miley has become an expert crawler we have noticed a huge difference. 

Presley never seemed to pay attention to things like electric sockets for example.  We put plastic baby-proof covers over them of course but it wasn't until she was around 3 she started asking questions about them and we told her monsters lived in there and if she put her finger in it they would bite her.  We never had a problem and she still tells kids not to stick their fingers in or they too will get bit.  Miley on the other hand started off staring at them from her walker and once she learned how to make her walker move, fixated on getting to them. Luckily she hasn't stuck her finger in and after using the vacuum ect we quickly replace the cover.

We never put those baby proof latches on our cabinets because Presley never payed any attention.  We actually put a rubber band around the cabinet under the sink that holds household cleaners just as a deterrent in case she ever got any bright ideas.  She never did.  Miley attempts to open every cabinet and drawer in the house.  So welcome home baby proof latches!

Presley never put small objects in her mouth.  People would constantly warn, 'oh no be careful there are small pieces down there' and of course I would watch her carefully  and she would pick things up and fiddle with it and move on, it never went in her mouth.  Then there is Miley. She crawls around with a radar that detects every small object and immediately sticks it in her mouth.  Her food. After the dogs eat we have to put the dog food bowl on the counter or the radar goes off.  

She is a busy girl. A very curious, busy girl.

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