Monday, April 4, 2011

Rough week

Miley had a rough week.  Tuesday while I was at work Mom was here watching the girls and while outside Lucy was on her lead and tripped Mom.  She fell holding Miley.  She caught her and she didn't hit the ground but grazed her face in the grass.  I'm sure Mom is more physically and emotionally scarred by the event than Miley.  Her poor little face looked like she had been playing in a briar bush.  Luckily baby skin regenerates at an incredible rate.

Later that same night Presley picked Miley up and dropped her on her face on the kitchen floor.  Then immediately attempted to pick her up from her fall and dropped her again.  A 2 for 1 special. She left that incident with two goose eggs to the forehead.

Thursday night Miley was playing in the floor and apparently attempted to eat the back of a fake tattoo.  I saw her turning red and drooling and realized she was choking.  I turned her upside down and hit her on the back many times and even did the taboo finger sweep several times and it wasn't working. Unfortunately I have done infant Heimlich many times and solids usually come up with the second back slap.  I was starting to panic and turned her over to do chest compressions and Lucas realized the paper had come out on that last back slap. By far the scariest incident yet. Every parent should know basic CPR and the Heimlich maneuver!!

Last but certainly not least; I put Miley to sleep in her swing without buckling her.  We do this often but clearly she is now too big for that.  She woke up and I assume leaned forward and fell out! I heard her hit the floor. She cried and was not as easy to console as usual.  So again I started to panic.  In situations like this I eventually have to talk to myself, and convince myself to think like a nurse and not a mom.  I went through the neuro/trauma checklist in my mind and decided to calm down.  I really needed an ER nurse to roll their eyes and whisper "she is crazy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that baby"...of course I never say that about my patients, but you know.

So we are praying for a better week for Miley.  Thankful that God designed babies to be resilient and pliable.  Of course to look at her you would never know any of this took place...

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