Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so.  i have been on a hiatus.  pregnancy induced fatigue is what i choose to blame it on.  most nights by the time i get the kids settled i can hardly keep my eyes open myself.  i feel like i have lost track but here are a few highlights of the past few weeks.  first Minnde and i ventured to Great Wolf Lodge a few weeks ago for Blakelees birthday.  she is 10...how is that possible? but its true.  we took Presley and one of Blakelees friends Siera.  Lucas and I gave each other lectures before we left that went something along the lines of "im trusting you to take care of Miley, if something happens to her i will kill you" and "im trusting you to take care of Presley and not let her drown or i will kill you".  luckily we all survived. 

GWL was great.  i was mostly impressed by the lifeguards.  they were like Nazi's.  they were never still.  they constantly paced the sides of the pools and swiveled their heads all over the water and looked at every single kid, every second.  at some point they had a surprise drill and i saw hands flapping in the water and hear an obnoxious whistle blow and in goes the lifeguard to save the guy.  i thought it a little strange that he was a teenager and a few minutes later saw them discussing the drill and how well the lifeguard did.  Presley didn't see that part and i allowed her to believe that even this "big" guy could have bumped his head on something and been disoriented for a minute and could have drowned, and of course this is why we have to be super careful in water and so on.  so she regarded them as superheros for the rest of the trip. 

when we first arrived and got to the waterpark she was obliviously standing under this HUGE bucket that dumps out an avalanche of water every 5 minutes or so.  it poured down and literally could have knocked her down had she not been such a fast runner. so that started of the first night in terror.  she spent most of her time for the remainder of the night "directing" the water spouts that came out of the ground in the baby pool.  (being the stellar mom that i am i forgot the camera, so you will have to suffer through with instagrams)
Elvis, you cant escape him

i talked Presley into riding 2 slides. she was brave.  but that was enough for her.  Minnde and I rode all of them, many times.  so much fun.  luckily i was only pregnant enough to look like i have waaay too much for lunch and not like a full blown pregnant lady so i escaped the daggering stares.  its ok, go ahead and judge me, my husband did. i rode a ridiculous roller coaster when i was 8 months pregnant with Miley and she turned out ok...then again maybe that explains a few things.

we have also been doing soccer.  presley loves it.  and is quite good too.

side note.  just to give you a glimpse of this daddy's girl.  last Saturday at her game she walked up to me and stomped on my foot with her cletes and smiled.  so i sarcastically said "thank you Presley that was so sweet"  to which Lucas replies with tilting his head and saying "Caseyyyyy"  really??? she just stomped on my foot on purpose and im the bad guy??  she does NO wrong in his eyes. good thing i love her so.

Saturday after her game Nana (Marquita), Sah Sah (Lisa), Lucas, the girls and i went to lunch at Reno's and then walked over to the new antique store in Gibsonville.  very neat place.  they have a huge wall you can sign, which we did.  Miley even scribbled on it. Miley walked around with her little purse and found the "general store" and she shopped for candy of course.  Presley scored a really cool old desk from Sah Sah.  i love it.

reminded at church this weekend that even though in our plans for life we have a goal.  to get from point A to point B the quickest, easiest way possible, a straight line.  God often allows us to take the zip zag trip. not the fastest or easiest.  but since we have little control over that we have a choice to make during the zag zags.  endure them with bitterness and frustration or embrace them and find the blessings, lessons, wisdom and joy in them.  Life is hard sometimes, but what a shame to focus on that instead of the endless blessings we have in front of us!  Thankful for the cross, my family, my friends, my husband and little girls!


  1. Sweet!! Looks like you had a great time!!
    Thanks for the reminder.. I do need them.. often! I also have a lot to be thankful for!