Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Goose

today is Lucy's birthday.  she is the best dog. i know everyone says that about their pet but she really is.  she is a big shaggy mess.  she has been compared to a muppet, a homeless dog, a fraggle rock, a mop.  whatever, that's the way i like her.  she puts up with so much.  these girls dress her up, tie her up, tackle her, nap on her, ride on her, pull her hair...it just doesn't matter.  she just looks up at them with the same "i don't understand this but i love you anyway" face.  she ignores the wrestling matches in this house unless mommy gets involved, then she takes Lucas down.  she doesn't shed.  her only annoying quality is when you fix yourself a plate and turn your head, its gone.  she is a huge food thief.  and is not afraid to stand up on her hind legs and get anything she wants on the counter.  she doesn't care if you threaten her or pop her, she will not let up.  it doesn't make it easier that Presley and Miley love to feed her...she sits beside the highchair and knows Miley will take a bite, then give her a bite, Miley a bite, Lucy a bite. But aside from her food ravaging disorder, she is perfect.

we made her sugar cookies
and i let her finish my spaghetti and salad from the table without kicking her

Lucy's birthday last year, she looks so small

2 days before Presleys 3rd birthday we told her we would get her a dog if she would start using the potty.  she was one of those kids that would walk around with a full diaper dragging the ground and couldn't care less.  she was more than capable of using the potty, just not interested. so 2 days later she was potty trained.  so Lucy came to live with us.  Lucy was much easier to potty train. 

this clown...a whole different story

and i should add.  there are only a hand full of pins on pintrest that i pinned myself.  one is a cover of a Time magazine issue that featured a goldendoodle, the other is a picture i took in the mall of the entrance to Hollister where they had a giant picture of a goldendoodle with a surf board.  I am not exaggerating when i say i get a minimum of 10 emails a day saying someone has repinned them.  they even have battles in the comment section about what a perfect dog it is or what a waste of money they are.  so far i have refrained from responding though it is tempting.

she is a good good girl

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