Sunday, April 15, 2012

at Minndes house anything goes...
she wears a bikini...
babies ride 4-wheelers...

im just sayin.

we noticed earlier this week that Presley's "broke eye" as she calls it, has relocated the pupil to the top of the iris.  creeped out of course we took her to her pediatric eye doctor.  he concluded that he did not see anything more unusual than before and for us to keep an eye on it and to follow up in 3 months. he also talked with the retina specialist at Duke and she didn't feel like it was necessary to do another ultrasound right now. though they have no idea why the pupil has moved and have never seen this happen before. so my prayer is that God will daily replace our fear with faith.  so thankful for Presleys out going, resilient, confident personality. 

she hates eye drops.  she read the letters on the chart this time instead of the picture chart...kinda bitter sweet in a strange way.

so far she doesn't need glasses, but thoroughly enjoyed trying them on

these girls make my world such a sweeter place

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