Thursday, April 5, 2012

Presley got her ears pierced! I know.  Doesn't every little girl eventually get this barbaric ritual done at some point?  I had 5 holes in each ear at some point.  But after all this is Presley we are talking about.  Lucas and I decided a long time ago we would let her decide on her own when and if she wanted to get it done.  Mostly because once we witnessed a little girl getting it done in the mall and Lucas almost threw up.  He hated the thought of making Presley cry and hurt for such a ridiculous cause.  But as she got older he actually wanted her to do it. We offered on her 5th birthday to take her and she said "absolutely not" and despite Blakelee, Rosey and Juilette having theirs done a long time ago, still she wouldn't succumb to the peer pressure.  Then suddenly sitting on the couch a few days ago she said "i want my ears pierced"  so Lucas said "pack up and get in the car".  She was brave.  She didn't cry until after the first one, then her lips began to quiver.  Pitiful but worth it a few minutes later.
in other news...

Nana had a birthday!

Presley had a playdate with Davis
(and Miley with Noah, he is so sweet to her)

and Presley asked the doctor if she could "bideo" the babies heartbeat...
very unflattering video but Presley is so proud


  1. Precious!!! both the ear piercing and the heartbeat!! You have such a beautiful family!!