Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a few weeks ago there was a solar storm.  who knew?  not me.  my dad called that night and told me it was all over the news and that if i went outside he was pretty sure he could see an aurora in the sky.  so we went out and turned off all the lights and behold...there it was.  it took a minute for our eyes to adjust and it was not as green as the picture but it looked very simular.  kinda like search lights all over the sky.  very cool.  so next time you hear there has been a solar storm go outside at night and look for it.

An aurora (plural: aurorae or auroras) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere). The charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth's magnetic field into the atmosphere. Aurora is classified as diffuse or discrete aurora. Most aurorae occur in a band known as the auroral zone[1][2] which is typically 3° to 6° in latitudinal extent and at all local times or longitudes. The auroral zone is typically 10° to 20° from the magnetic pole defined by the axis of the Earth's magnetic dipole. During a geomagnetic storm, the auroral zone will expand to lower latitudes. The diffuse aurora is a featureless glow in the sky which may not be visible to the naked eye even on a dark night and defines the extent of the auroral zone. The discrete aurora are sharply defined features within the diffuse aurora which vary in brightness from just barely visible to the naked eye to bright enough to read a newspaper at night. Discrete aurorae are usually observed only in the night sky because they are not as bright as the sunlit sky. Aurorae occur occasionally poleward of the auroral zone as diffuse patches[3] or arcs (polar cap arcs[4]) which are generally invisible to the naked eye. (Wikapedia)

other useless but very cool news...

New Krispy Kreme coming to Burlington
Business, News
BURLINGTON, N.C. — A new Krispy Kreme doughnut shop that could hire 20-25 new employees is planning to open in Burlington.
The Burlington Times-News reported that the business will open at 210 Huffman Mill Road, where Panchero’s Mexican Grill used to be. An opening date has yet to be determined.
The paper reported that the shop will be about 2,100 square feet and include a drive-thru. The menu’s signature doughnuts, coffees, Chillers and iced drinks will be included.
Read more: The Burlington Times-News.

yep, im excited!

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