Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Presley: a self portrait

and her new specs.
its hard to make a kid wear glasses that are for protection as opposed to better vision.
i think she heard her mom and dad getting in trouble with the doctor for not doing a better job of enforcing it.
its been almost 2 weeks and she still wears them ("unless i have on pajamas")
no begging, no fussing, no bribing, no threatening.
just wears them.
thankful for that.

unsure why this picture is miniature.
and therefore pointless.
but Presley is the second kid on the left.
she graduated kindergarten.

other lessons learned recently...
if your anonymous daughter puts your dogs tail in a ponytail holder, and leaves it there for a few days, it could become necrotic and fall off

poor Bernice.

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