Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!  Maybe.  Somehow October, November and December disappeared.  A few times I attempted to post but my computer was being complicated and I didn't have the patience to oblige.  I will try to do better.

We had a happy Halloween...
A not so happy Thanksgiving...

I don't have pictures. Well I do, but they are depressing. Presley woke up at 4am on Thanksgiving screaming in pain with her eye.  She had been weaned off meds for a month.  But we started them back needless to say.  Her eye pressure was outrageous.  After about two days on meds she felt much better.  We were indeed still thankful for our countless blessings. Just not a good day.

A wonderful Christmas...
Rudolph always makes a special appearance. Presley asked Santa one year for Rudolph to come in her room and leave her reindeer cookies, since then he comes every year, and now leaves Miley something special too.  Presley wrote Santa a letter last summer and requested Rudolph earrings.  She got those and Rudolph masks.  Presley thought it was the coolest ever...Miley, not so much.  Not actually on her face anyway.  They also got pink mustaches in their stockings...turn your head and the baby has one on.  Funny though.

And those of you that thought I forgot to send you a Christmas card, nope.  They just didn't exist.  I know, I get crazier by the day.  We had pictures made that were intended for cards but then suddenly it was a week until Christmas! How did that sneak up on me? Don't know.  But it did.  I'm sorry.  Again, I'm going to try to do better.  But the pictures were great...

(pretend this is a Christmas card)

Ashley Allen.  Two Clicks Away Photography.  She is awesome!

Did I mention that we found out on Christmas Eve that I am pregnant...AGAIN!
Yes, we know what causes that.  Yes, we planned on four children.  No, we did not plan on the this one coming so soon. Yes, I was on birth control.  No, we are not trying to have a boy.  A boy would be nice, but another girl will be just as nice.  We believe God gives us what He has planned, and so far that has been girls.  Besides, have you ever met my girls?  Who would trade them in for boys?  Not us.  Anyway...we are very excited, though there is a layer of anxiety wrapped around that excitement.  God keeps reminding me of His faithfulness and that layer is becoming more thin.  In the middle of my last c-section the doctor peeked his head around the curtain and casually told me my scar was so thin it was difficult to sew up, so if we wanted another baby it would be best to wait at least two years to allow scar tissue to build up and strengthen the scar that has now been cut opened 3 times.  Soooooo, two months later here we are. Don't know how much you know about uterine rupture, but its not pretty. I see the doctor next week.  I don't think he is going to be impressed.  He told me at my six week appointment that if it happened sooner it would not be the end of the world and we would deal with it if that time came, don't think he meant two months later.  But oh well.  I keep hearing the words of that Third Day song, "I need a miracle" in my head. Definitely need prayers for a miraculously healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby.

One more prayer request. My friend Laura got  much less exciting news at Christmas.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yuk.  I think about her constantly and pray for her every time I do.  She is a survivor of Leukemia. She has already been down this road.  I hate it.  She is a fighter and she will win this one too, I know it. I pray for wisdom for doctors, strength for Laura and her family, healing and another super testimony of the Great Physician. 


  1. You guys are awesome and will definitely be in my prayers! I'll try not to steal The Big LP too much but that's my Homie! LOL God bless you and thanks for sharing

  2. Love the pictures... beautiful family!! Congratulations..and prayers.. for a healthy happy baby.. boy or girl.. you make beautiful babies!
    Prayers for your friend too.. she's lucky to have someone like you in her corner!