Wednesday, June 19, 2013

little Pierce's update

sweet Oakley.  poor kid doesn't have a baby book.  Marquita always bought my kids baby books and since she was in the hospital when Oakley was born, she wasn't able, obviously to get her one, and i have been to pathetic to remember to get her one.  so i figured i should document a few milestones here.  she is such a laid back happy baby.  she had a disgusting ear infection that required 2 rounds of antibiotics and busted her ear drum in May.  she was a little fussy the night before she woke up with GREEN SNOT dripping from her ear...other than that would have never known anything was wrong with her.  (first kid to get ear infection).  She started crawling (like a strange crab) on may 18th.  and on June 15th had her first tooth break through (first kid to get a tooth before 13months).

my Miley Belle.  its funny how you love your children the same amount, but they steal your heart in different ways.  this one is such drama.  has been since day one. but i love her for it.  she tests my patience, pushes my buttons and makes me want to pull my hair out one minute.  then the next comes up and kisses me and says "u da best mommy eber" and i melt.  she wants to wear a dress everyday...because when she has on a dress she is a "pincess".  if you say ouch, she runs over and asks if you are ok and offers to kiss your boo boo. she is a very sweet drama queen.  she is working on potty training, some days she goes potty all day and other she is not in the mood but we seem to be making slow progress.  she loves minnie mouse, dora, max and ruby and peppa pig ("pecka pig") .  current favorite Miley language : babensoup = bathing suit, pitty= pretty, wabwabbit= rabbit, pup= cup, tiny chicken= chicken nuggets, paul-tea= coffee

oh Presley Grace.  she is the perfect combination of tough and tender hearted.  while she remains our tomboy, she is growing up a little. Lucas and her have been wrestling buddies since she was tiny and she has always been a hands on kinda girl.  pretty sure touch is her love language.  though it may come out as a tackle she is really showing you she loves you. but as rough as she seems sometimes she is very aware of peoples feelings and takes things very literally.  she is becoming a bit of a germaphobe.  she didn't get that from me.  im all about sanitizing and cleanliness but i also believe in the 5 second rule and exposure to a few germs build a healthy immune system.  but she washes hands on a schedule and if something looks like it touched her plate that shouldn't have, she ain't eating it. if her shirt smells "off" she ain't wearing it.  she still loves to play with stuffed animals, mainly dogs. other than her toy story phase she has never been attached to a particular character.  she plays with her stuffed animals and when she pretends she talks in an english accent...funny. she has a deep sense of family.  very protective of her sisters.  loves God...i love to hear her pray and am impressed by the intimate way she talks to Jesus. very sentimental like her daddy...who she thinks hung the moon.

love, love, love these girls so much it hurts.  thankful for every second i get to spend being their mom.  thankful for Gods mercy and grace.

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  1. SWEET... this put a huge smile on my face this morning!! You have a beautiful family!!!