Monday, March 28, 2011

The essence of Presley

Ahhh. Presley. Fully aware of my partiality, I must say I am quite sure she is the coolest kid on Earth.  She loves pink and purple, she loves to sing and dance, she loves to wear cute little dresses, and loves to paint her toenails.  But she also loves soccer, loves to wrestle with her daddy, will choose to play with the boys at the playground any day over the girls and prefers Toy Story to Disney Princess'.  That being said...she has recently fallen in love with Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Miley received this movie as a gift from Aunt Sherry because her middle name was derived from this Princess. Presley would never admit her jealousy but she suddenly wanted to watch this girly movie, a million times.  So when she was invited to a Princess party this weekend who else would she be, other than Belle! Its the only Princess she knows. Or so I thought.  We bought her the movie Princess and the Frog last summer but there is a "scary" part with dark shadows in the beginning and I thought she never finished the movie. I was wrong. Princess Tiana came to the party and Presley quickly pointed out that she had kissed a frog and other details. I was impressed.

While sitting back watching her at this party I kept thinking about how special she is.  All these little girls were giggling and talking about all the princess' and Presley smiled along but I could see her little brain thinking 'what are they talking about'.  At some point Tiana gave out hair bows and Presley politely took hers.  I asked her if she wanted me to put it in her hair and she snarled and said 'nah'.  Then I watched her watching all the other moms putting the bows in their daughters hair. She then turned and looked at me and I smiled at her.  She held up the bow and kinda smiled and shrugged.  It was such a sweet moment to me.  Like she was doing me a favor and didn't want me to be left out, not about her at all.  I know that sounds strange, but not if you know Presley.  I certainly did not feel left out.  I wouldn't have her any other way! Later they picked out big coloring pages from The Princess and the Frog to color.  The girls all scrambled to find ones with Tiana...what did Presley choose? The one with a guy named Lawrence. Who is that?  Who knows.

I adore her.  Everything about her.

Miley entertained herself and practiced her crawling.

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