Sunday, June 26, 2011

Katie's wedding

This weekend Presley had the privilege to be the flower girl in Katie Allen's wedding.  I am not the wedding junkie type and am not easily impressed by weddings but this was BEAUTIFUL!  Held at Hodgin Valley Farm in Pleasant Garden NC with a simple but elegant vintage theme.  I absolutely loved it.  Presley loved the rehearsal as much as the actual wedding because she got to wonder around them farm and meet the animals. 

(tubs were full of bottled cokes at the wedding, very cute!)

 She was in heaven, aside from one small mishap, a bite (more like a nibble but it did leave a mark) from a "mean donkey" which was actually a Shetland horse. I hate I didn't get a picture of that fella.

Happy to be a part of this beautiful ceremony and very happy for Joseph and Katie, we look forward to seeing the blessings God has in store for their future.

Presley and Jack, the ring-bearer became quite fond of each other.
Presley is typically the first one on the dance floor at weddings but her and Jack were having way too much fun racing and throwing rocks to bother with dancing, so her prodigy took her place...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zieglehofer!

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