Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the year of Toy Story

Last year right before Presley's 4th birthday she became obsessed with Toy Story.  She would see the little boys t-shirts and beg for them at Target; this began her love affair. She quickly became the proud owner of the movies and countless other paraphernalia.  She would swim in her blowup pool with them, take baths with them and sleep with them.  They all have her name written on the bottom of their shoes, just like Andy.  Which leads us to Presley's 5th birthday party...her first birthday party away from home. She wanted a Toy Story pool party, so of course that's what she got!
always perfect cakes by Delicious Bakery

thanks for coming floats
sweet Miley Belle

She got a it normal to be
jealous of your 5 year olds presents?

                    the card "handsome Dabis" made her
                              and her wedgie

I asked Presley a few weeks ago what she wanted for her birthday and she listed a few things then said, "I dont know mom just pick out some stuff, but I dont want ANYTHING GREEN."  She did point out that the floats were green but since they were for her friends it was OK.  She keeps us laughing.

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