Sunday, July 31, 2011

good weekend

On Friday Marquita, Lisa and I got a 'Presley day'.  We had lunch at Print Works Bistro.  Minnde took Miley out for a while so we could enjoy lunch without picking up sippy cups, flying food ect. and Presley would feel like she had the spotlight. Initially the plan backfired because as Miley was getting in Minndes car and I was packing up Presley, Presley began to cry huge crocodile tears.  "I'm gonna miss Miley...I just feel like I don't even have a sister...whaaaaaa  whaaaa  whaaaa." I said to Presley, "but you leave Miley all time and you don't get upset" to which she explained "that's different, I don't care if I leave but Miley needs to be at home where she is safe...whaaaaaaaa."  So I told Presley that she was gonna have mommy, Nana and Lisa all to herself and so on and eventually she cheered up. 
Print Works is a "green" restaurant.  We explained that didn't mean the color; don't think Presley really understood or just didn't care, but I think that's pretty cool.

crispy vegetable filled brick dough cigars

Presley feeding Lisa Brussels sprouts, which she loves second to broccoli, but doesnt like chocolate...very strange

thanks for the treat Nana, we had fun

As soon as we got in the car Presley asked if we were going to get Miley.  Minnde had safely returned Miley and her and daddy were waiting for us so we could head to the lake.

reunited at last

This turned out to be a monumental lake trip for one reason; Presley went off the high dive!  She stood up there holding her nose and inching to the edge then backing up and changing her mind for a long time.  We didn't really think she would do it.  I think Lucas and I both peed our swimsuits when she jumped.  But she survived! We all clapped and made a scene and told her how brave she was but when she got out of the water she got in my lap and cried for about 5 minutes.  She may have peed her swimsuit too.

thinking about it...

if daddy is around and she is in my lap instead of his, she is either sick or hurt.  I guess the sting you get in your nose after lake water goes up it qualifies as hurt.

I love riding on the boat at night.  Very scary picture of me but look at Miley.  She LOVED it. Her daddy was literally sweating like a cow because she was even on the boat, I think Brandon brought us back just before he had a full blown panic attack.

Lucas' favorite part of every lake trip is fixing breakfast in the mornings

Anthony and Pam Price joined us this trip with their 3 month old baby Kylie

how cute is she?

Presley telling the lake goodbye.  Reminds me of when she was like 2, she would wave goodbye to the water in the bathtub as  it went down the drain when her bath was over.

                                                                  the ride home

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