Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miley's 1st birthday party

Miley is one! So hard to believe! We celebrated with brunch.  We did brunch one year for Presley and it works well because it doesn't consume the entire Saturday for everyone and you avoid the afternoon melt down time.  Miley had a fever a couple of nights ago and has been very clingy the past several days so I was a little worried about what her attitude would be like, but she was in a great mood and had a blast!  Sometimes pictures tell the story best so here we go (there is a lot!)

 she hugged her cake

thanks for coming oreo pops 

A year is a long time to go without one single night of 8 hours of sleep, a long time to get daily visits twice a week in the ER from a nursing baby who refuses to take a bottle, and a long time to kick your husband out of the bed because the baby demands to sleep with mommy.  But a year seems so short to smell that sweet baby smell, to snuggle with a sleeping baby in your arms, to watch them grow and learn, and way too short to fall completely and madly in love with a whopping 17 pound little person.  I pray for her future everyday.  I thank God for letting me borrow her everyday. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make her party special!

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