Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thanks to my new iphone, I have fallen in love with Instagram.  These are completely random but I love them...

In other random news; Presley likes to say things twice, like "let's go go", or "time to take a bath bath."  She also like to rhyme, she calls Lucas "daddy kawaddy" and me "mommy kawommy".  Last week Presley was to bring something to VBS that God made, so she chose a rock.  Before walking out the door Lucas asked her "Presley where is your rock?" she patted her side and said "in my pock"  Lucas and I have been saying this and laughing about it all week.

Also, today riding in the car today Presley was telling me a very detailed reason she doesn't like bugs, then she said, "except worms, they are sooooooo magical...when I cut them in half they just grow right back." She is loads of fun.

(excuse the randomness)

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