Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have always felt like September is kind of a season of its own.  Its not really summer anymore but not yet Fall either. Its school buses and apple trees and the smell of Elmer's glue and freshly sharpened #2 pencils.  Fall is definitely my favorite, but there is something exciting about the beginning of each new season.  The past few weeks have been very busy here with the start of kindergarten and soccer.
Presley had her first game last weekend.  When I signed up to work last Saturday, it was the first Saturday I have worked in forever and go figure, her first game day.  But Lucas sent me pictures and Presley told me all about the FOUR goals she scored when I got home.  So proud of her for making goals but its the big "I'm so proud of myself" smile she wears that makes me melt.

So far school is going well.  I have developed calluses to the fact that things usually tend to go completely opposite of the way I plan them.  So I have tried to keep the attitude "I pray this works but if not that's OK too, God has a different plan".  And that's my attitude towards homeschool.  Although, like I said, surprisingly so far it has went very well. 

Presley is going to learn all fifty states and capitals this year.  So when our friend Erin posted a picture of a map she painted on facebook Aunt Lisa and I drooled.  And in case you didn't know...what Presley wants, Aunt Lisa gets.  Presley is too young to understand the awesome gift she has in Lisa.  I know because I have an Aunt Sherry who adored my sister and me the same way. Not just because they buy you prizes that your parents wont, but they show up at every event, are your biggest cheerleader, always point out your best qualities and pretend they don't notice the bad ones, and if you need them they are there in an instant. She doesn't get it yet, but she will. Sorry that went off on a tangent. 
Anyway, the map...
its huge, the picture doesn't really show it

very cool!

Erin also did some paintings for Miley's room last year

go see her website and get something!

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