Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laura's back in town

Our friend Alan got married this weekend.   It was such a sweet wedding and we are so so so so happy for him and Jackie!  This also meant that Laura came to town for the wedding which makes me happy.  Its funny how when she is here it seems like she was never gone.  Karen, Sharon and I met her and her mom (whom I also love) at Village Grill on Thursday and got a chance to catch up.  Apparently for a very long time because when we finally got up to  leave the staff there basically escorted us out. I'm guessing they were not real fond of 3 little girls throwing baby dolls, fake money, and food all over the back corner of the restaurant.  Oh well. We enjoyed it.

The wedding...
Mr. & Mrs. Ellis

Cam, Laura & Kennedy

baby hugs
this little girl was slightly grumpy but in the past week she has learned to sleep in her crib and has her first four teeth cutting through all at the same time, so we will let it slide
the fam
 I never saw it but there was a photo booth at the reception, these 2 disappeared at some point and came back with this

good times.

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