Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not a Box

very very cute book about children's imaginations

Presley's class read "Not a Box" last week.  They were given an assignment by their very strict teacher (just kidding) to draw a picture of their own "Not a Box" over the Fall break to bring in for their presentation next week.

here is what Presley came up with...

(aka playground.  The circle with the P in it is a flag and the other horn looking thing is an ice cube, b/c this prayground is in the North Pole; notice the orange coat the person has on.)
~box of doughnuts~

~Lucy and Bernice~
(She labeled them with a L and  B, but decided she didn't like that so she scribbled it out. She gave them both a ball and a bone)

all the pictures have a sun
I'm hoping the psychiatrist would say that is a good subliminal message

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