Thursday, October 20, 2011

what a day!

Presley had her first Kindergarten field trip today.  We went to the Carolina Theater to see "Slim Goodbody."  He was great.  Lots of interactive learning about the body systems and healthy living that was on their level. He had several kids come to the stage to do "awesome body tricks" like back flips and such; so naturally Presley has been running around talking in his voice and doing flips around the house.  Part hilarious and part annoying!

Then we came home and did school.  Later while getting the girls ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch the doorbell rang.  The dogs did their usually barking routine.  If it is someone we know we open the door and our guest comes in and the dogs cease fire.  When it is someone they don't recognize you are stuck with the delima of what to do because when you open the door they will not walk right in, they will stand there in the doorway.  Which means our dogs will either run out the door or (bernice will) bite our visitor.  So I peeked out the window with a baby on my hip and two ridiculous dogs carrying on and there stood two little boys with a change box.  Again if I opened the door I knew Bernice would charge them and they would run and then the dogs would run.  So I did the only reasonable thing, ignored them.  Assuming the ferocious dogs would give them the hint.  Then the doorbell rings.  Dogs are now in a complete frenzy.  So I crack open the door to say "I'm sorry but OBVIOUSLY I cant help you right now."  Before I get that out Bernice bites ME!!!!!  So instead they hear "OOOOOOUCH!!!" and get the door slammed in their face. 
Don't be fooled by the cute exterior!!!
A few minutes later when I got the girls in the car we passed the boys and their mother.  I rolled down the window and let Presley give them some money.  I apologized and explained that my dogs are nuts.  The mom was very sweet and is a teacher at a nearby elementary school and is taking up money for a child in the school who has Leukemia.  Presley asked if we could go around with a box and help collect money for the sick kid.  I almost cried.  Suddenly my giant bleeding bruised leg didn't seem like such a big deal.  (OK slightly exaggerated, but it hurt bad and is very bruised)

Next stop...the Pumpkin Patch

Batgirl...da na na na da na na na, Batgirl
Batgirl in training
Presley said she couldn't wear her mask because her "lash-lies" keep hitting it. (presleyism for eye lashes) so she put it on this pumpkin.  Thought it was cute.  Until we got home and she started taking off her costume and says "mom where is my mask?" Insert crocodile tears. So we piled back in the car and found it right there on that pumpkin. 

I'm tired.  My leg hurts.  I love those girls.

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