Saturday, February 18, 2012

guess who stopped by the ER last week? Lazarus, i mean CAROLYN!! there is an automatic stream of tears when you see her.  happy tears.  she says she is doing great, doesn't remember a thing about the whole ordeal, and is enjoying her possibly permanent vacation.

we went to the circus.  i seriously don't remember it being so good when i was little.

i found it entertaining to watch Lucas, Bobby and Terrence peeling crayons with Presley to make giant heart crayons for Valentines Day. pretty sure she could talk the three of them into anything.

cute idea from Pinterest
side note they would probably be brighter if those 4 didn't keep picking out black, blue
and green crayons

Presley got a Valentine in the mail from "handsome Davis" which inspired a trip to Krispy Kreme

                                             perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon

sorry about the next 2, i couldn't help myself...

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