Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's been a busy 2 weeks...

mawmaw had a birthday
(try to ignore the naked kid in the background)

my sweet father-in-law had a birthday

my cousin VJ got Elvis
very happy for him and Ashley, congratulations!

got to have lunch with Sharon and Laura and Kennedy
love those girls

Presley got her Girl Scouts pedals

Mr. Bear's guts were falling out

he had surgery :(  he is doing well but is in need of several more minor procedures

in other news...
*my cholesterol is down to 150 from 300.  major improvement if i do say so myself. 
*in more depressing news my coffee smells like skunk again.  this happened with my previous 2 pregnancies.  i was really hoping to enjoy decaf this go round but not happening.
*Presley knows the circumference of a circle is 2 x 3.14 x r, pretty sure i didn't learn that until 6th grade...or was it 10th?
*Lucy picked up an entire cup of hot chocolate and carried it upright all the way to the carpet to spill  it...not pleased
*Miley has become a kissing machine, i love it
*watching God solve problems and reminded that a mustard seed can move a mountain

in between those highlights, aside from working, teaching school, doing laundry, cooking, going on stroller rides in the January 70 degree weather, bathing kids, taking out dogs and sleeping; we have just been bored out of our minds!  just kidding.


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