Thursday, July 5, 2012

convenient, lazy, overwhelmed, call it what you want but, we combined the girls birthday parties this year.  Presley didn't care and Miley didn't know any better so we got away with it.  it was sooooo hot, but we were able to stay inside for the most part and the kids had the pool in the backyard so we survived.  they had a blast.

love the monogrammed cakes!  (miley kept bumping into hers, so it has a few dents, but they were beautiful and Delicious Bakery of course)

take a close look behind the party favors

Presley asks for a pinata every year, this year i remembered to get it.
by the time i got out to take a picture she had already busted it.

i didn't do a great job of getting pictures of everyone

thankful for our family and friends.

thankful for the unbelievable joy Presley and Miley bring to my life

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