Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gungor "God is not a white Man"

saw this video at church a few weeks ago.  was given a similar disclaimer as the one Im about to give.  this video is NOT saying sin is OK.  it is NOT agreeing or disagreeing with any particular view.  it is just making the point that sometimes we "put God in a box".  sometimes we think the way we do something, or the way our church does something or our culture does something is the "right" way.  sometimes we fail to realize our traditions, while they may not be wrong, are not biblical. 

sin is NOT OK.  God gave us guidelines to follow for our own good.  rules to help us live more abundant lives, to save us from unnecessary hurt.  not rules to follow to pat ourselves on the back when we get them right and then point at others to show them how wrong they are. 

people are all different forms of messed up.  including me.  God loves us all, just as a parent loves their children even when they are not perfect.  could you imagine if i decided i didn't love Presley or Miley anymore because they messed up or disagreed with me or disobeyed me.  that's absurd.  to think God loves any of His children less than He loves you or me is just as absurd. 

make wise choices.  avoid sinful behavior. be good examples. but let God judge.  love people despite your disagreeances and allow the Holy Spirit to do His job. love as an action, even when the warm and fuzzies are not there.

being a Christian means i believe in God,i believe Jesus died for me and saved my soul so that one day when this temporary life is over i will spend eternity with Him. period. by grace, not because i have somehow earned it. it does not mean that i have somehow achieved a position on a pedestal that makes me any better than anyone else. compare yourselves to the only Holy One, not me or any other Christian or you will certainly find yourselves disappointed. we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus while on earth.  study the Word and tell me how often your see Jesus playing the role of judge and how often you see Him pouring out unconditional love.

annnnnnd, that tangent is now over.

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