Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Presley update

We went to see Dr. Freedman today.  She was great with Presley.  Presleys eye pressure was 36 today.  Too high.  But she isn't having many symptoms so they are OK with that for now. 

2 weeks ago we tried to do half of the blood pressure pill and her symptoms started to return so we went back on the whole pill.  Dr. Freedman suggested that sometimes the glaucoma can "settle down" and stop causing the symptoms.  So right now the plan is too start several new eye drops (now up to 5 different ones a day) and next week go back down to half a pill.  after 2 weeks we are to email her and let her know if her symptoms are returning or if her eye is adjusting to the pressure.  If she seems to adjust we will keep reducing medications and hope for the best.

She felt like this was the only alternative to surgery.  I got the sense she didn't necessarily feel like it would work but that taking an eye out was such a huge ordeal (obviously) and that we should exhaust every option first, being that Presley is not in extreme pain right now. 

So, I agree.  Lucas and I certainly want to feel like we did everything we could to keep her eye.  Though I feel stuck back in the "waiting game" , I trust that Gods timing is perfect.

When we walked out of the building today Presley said, "so im going to start some new eye drops and stop taking my pill?"  and we said yep.  She said, very matter of fact..."thats not going to work."

We will see.  We will pray.  It will work out.

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  1. Bless you all.. she is a brave little girl..
    Sending prayers for the whole family...