Thursday, November 17, 2011

crazy Target lady

I recieved a disturbing text from my sister tonight

by "have you seen yourself on the Target commercial yet"?  she means this lady...

Minnde thinks that if for any reason I happen to be MIA, you can probably find me in the local Target.  May be true. She says I remind her of this crazy lady. Last year she was full of crazy Target lady jokes.  The sad part is I was asked at least 2 dozen times by strangers, "hey have you seen the crazy Target lady commercials? you remind me of her".  Once while at triage a random person in the waiting room asked me this and the techs started giggling saying "I told you!"  Then the off duty police officer who will remain unnamed joins in,  "haha you do remind me of her", then proceeded to pull her up on YouTube and show me the commercials. Well she is back for the Holidays.  So let the jokes begin...

I don't see it!

But they are HILARIOUS!!


  1. I had to get Ryan to read me the post because I was tearing up looking at this. Not at all trying to make jokes but that is you. I just want to know who stole my idea to make you famous!

    ;) Minnde

  2. Tearing up with laughter that is.. halarious!