Thursday, November 24, 2011


100 things I'm thankful for, in no particular order

God's Word~my husband~flip flops~coffee~grace~good books~chocolate~
cheese~birds chirping~air conditioning~sprinkles~flowers~
warm showers~kindness~rainbows~
little girls with outie belly buttons~dreams~
best friends~chalk~ibuprofen~stickers~
cereal~band aids~vacations~glitter~photos~
freedom~prayer warriors~parents~grandparents~
laughing til I snort like a pig~nurses~Venus razors~my iphone~
wisdom~police officers~pedicures~forgiveness~
contacts~holidays~video baby monitors~
 little girls with dimples~sundresses~sugar~fireworks~
trees~mercy~the cross~cool breezes~sandy toes~
aunts & uncles~biscuits~hair dye~stars~Lucas' biceps~ribbons~wreaths~
camp fires~soldiers~BSF~baby gibberish~burnin' love~Target~sunshine~
sweet tea~thunder storms~blue jeans~the Early Show~
ACP~butterfly's~roller coasters~bullet proof vests~nick jr~
fudge rounds~wordfeud~candle light~K-Love~cook outs~joy~earrings~
mittens~pretzel M&M's~sippy cups~room to run~love letters~wisdom~
pink~late night boat rides~3 kisses

After bedtime prayer time this month Presley would tell me something she was thankful for and I would add it to her list...

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