Thursday, November 24, 2011


have you read these books?
if you haven't, you should

I have never ever been a vampire fan.  I always hated vampire movies growing up.  On top of that I don't really enjoy "romance novels".  I don't believe vampires are real any more than I believe Micky Mouse is real.  That being said, I love, love, love, love, love these books.  Its such an atypical vampire story with an intertwined passionate love story.  My most favorite secular series ever.  The movies do a decent job of telling the story but you miss out on so many details that you get by reading books. And of course Edward's character in the book simply cant be done justice in the movies.  Though they came very close with Jacob's character. The books are written for young adults; very well written but minus the vulgarity of a lot of  other popular vampire tales.  As for the movies, they certainly are not appropriate for children.

Because if 30 year old women act this way... can only imagine how a little girls mind would be warped!

 obviously we are team Edward

Enjoyed our girls night out and cant wait for part 2 to come out...NEXT NOVEMBER. 
That's just cruel.

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