Monday, November 28, 2011

happy weekend

If you know me at all, you know I couldn't care less about college teams.  Not that there is anything wrong with caring about them, I just don't have much interest.  I have tried really hard to conjure up some kind of preference...and there just isn't any.  But I do like to watch football and I do enjoy going to a game every now and then.  This weekend Lucas and I went to the Carolina VS. Duke game with Matt and Brook.  Lucas and Matt are Carolina fans. Brook is a Duke fan.  Presley is a Duke fan and insisted I would be too.  I needed a Duke tee shirt to wear and luckily my favorite sister-in-law is the worlds most faithful Duke fan and had a plethora of shirts for me to choose from.  So I put on my cute Duke tee shirt and sat beside a large old man in a Carolina blue vest.  Of course we were a tiny bit late so when I parked myself beside him, he kindly snarled his nose and told me he would rather sit beside a cute Duke fan than a ugly Carolina fan.  I accepted this peace treaty and we quickly became old pals. He gave me a brief play by play of the beginning of the game and I pretended to be very interested.  I mean if you wear the shirt you have to play the part, right?   Anyway, we had a great time and because we had no children...we acted like children.

Seven years ago we got the best prelit Christmas tree ever.  It was big and pretty and you didn't have to string lights on it!  But after seven years of stuffing it through the little attic hole, it became tired.  Too tired to shine all of its lights.  So it retired this year and we got our very first real tree.  It was fun picking it out with the girls and it smells like my childhood Christmas'.  That makes me happy.  We are quite pleased with it.

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