Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

Oh how I love thee...
*jack o lanterns
*spooky trees
*kids running around on sugar highs
*Moose A Moose and that dang "I hate candy corn" song
*pumpkin spice lattes
*dogs in costumes
*adults screaming because Lucas and Bill are following them out of the driveway with masks on
*bus drivers that stop at our house the day after Halloween, not to drop off kids but to tell us the kids on the bus have talked about our house all day
* our neighborhood that reminds me of the scenes in movies of kids running around everywhere in costumes and houses decked out in spooky attire
*glow in the dark necklaces
*orange leaves and crisp night air
*Nana and Granddaddy who faithfully hand out candy every year so we can play
*face paint
*candy apples
*tiny voices saying trick or treat, and remembering to say thank you

One of the most meaningless holidays we celebrate, but soooooooo much fun

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